Olympus® OM-D E-M5 Mark II "Travel Light with a Free Flight" Promotion

Olympus challenged CoOptions Social to drive awareness and incentive-based activation among mid-level or above SLR cameras and photography enthusiasts. The offer was a free domestic U.S. flight with purchase of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

We knew we had to appeal to photographers that loved both planned / destination and also spontaneous / candid shooting, so we talked our photography influencers to write original content about how they plan a photography excursion, vacation, or casual travel. They wrote about what types of destinations they liked, how they prepared, subject matter that inspired them you to shoot on those planned journeys. And we asked them to share their creative process / tips for how they would shoot a new destination, telling their millions of followers where they would go, why, and what they would shoot there...ask them where they would go if they had a free ticket anywhere in the U.S.?

The second part of the campaign contrast to planned / destination photography, as many of our photography influencers and amateurs alike preferred to engage in “roaming” or candid photography, where they carry their camera around with them to capture unplanned moments (i.e., “let’s see what I find or happens today that’s interesting” shooting). Influencers talked about their subject matter preferences for roaming shooting—e.g., people, nature, structures (e.g., buildings, old farms houses, etc.), settings (urban, suburban, rural), etc. They also shared tips for finding and shooting those spontaneous moments / subject matter. They wrote about places or environments they thought their followers should go for a spontaneous “photo walkabout,” and ask your followers to share their favorites.

See, it's not about just original content, it's about context, expert voice and relevance to the brand and influencer followers...and the bridge created to link them together. Another successful campaign snapshot from CoOptions Social!


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